Divorce could be a testing and difficult time for several couples. The couples have to deal with emotions when deciding to end a relationship. In most cases, several couples would be required to undergo the process for a significant length of time, which would be highly overwhelming for the couples. In addition, the wide range of details should be successfully resolved for reaching a divorce settlement that has been satisfactory for both sides. It would be relatively impossible to manage for the couples. In event of divorce entailing pets or children, the stress would be highly pronounced for them.
Divorce to cause mental stress
Divorce has been known to cause mental stress to several couples across the world. While nothing could be completely removed, stress may not be an exception, especially when it comes to divorce. However, there would be a number of methods for reducing stress significantly. One of the most basic modes of reducing stress would be to pursue divorce process that is not an adversary.
Focus on things that matter most
When couples think of divorce, they would think of long legal battle between both the sides. However, divorce does not have to be in such a manner. Divorce mediation could assist in reducing the aggressive and combative attitude of the couples. It would enable the couples to focus on the things that would matter most during difficult times.
Working of divorce mediation
Divorce mediation would entail usage of third party, who would be neutral to the process. The divorce mediation would assist couples in resolving the different terms of their divorce in a manner whereby both would be satisfied. The issues would be resolved in an amicable manner.
Find below list of issues to be resolved, but not limited to, in an amicable manner.
– Child custody
– Division of property
– Spouse and child support
– Child visitation
When you make use of mediator help, you would be encouraged to discuss the issues and bring forth ideas to handle the issues in the best manner possible. The issue would be resolved and mediator would assist in guiding both sides to an amicable solution that they would agree to without any dispute. The mediator would need to maintain neutrality in order to assure both spouses to be treated in a fair manner.
How mediation reduces divorce stress?
Lakes Mediation Newcastle would help you reduce stress occurring during the divorce process in a number of ways. It would be inclusive of the following:
– Reducing time of divorce process
Divorce mediation would reduce the time of divorce process. It would last from three to ten sessions.
– Reduce the overall costs
Mediation divorce costs would not be a higher as contested divorce in courts. It would reduce financial burden for parties to divorce.
– Reduces uncertainty
Divorce mediation would help reduce uncertainty of judgment not being rendered in respective party’s favor.
– Reduces combative attitude
The presence of mediator would help reduce the combative attitude in the couples to divorce.