Finding a room mate

Finding a roommate can be a very difficult task. Sometimes you’ll feel like absolutely no one wants to apply to be your roommate, and at other times it’ll feel like you’re being bombarded with requests by people asking you to let them be your roommate. However, you need to know exactly how to find the right roommate. The right roommate will be like your best friend in many ways, and will perhaps become your confidant and trustworthy friend to whom you’ll go to whenever something is bothering you. You can always count on a good roommate to always be there for you when things seem down for you. Everyone who has seen the TV series friends knows exactly what this means.

room mate at home

On the other hand, when you end up with a roommate who doesn’t appreciate living with you too much, or is completely different from you, thing might not be so smooth. There will be fights all the time if you end up with a roommate that doesn’t like dealing with things like an adult. There have been some really horrifying stories of weird roommates in the past, and you don’t want to have your next few months be anything close to those stories. Imagine a roommate banging on your door at 5:00 AM in the morning, or messing up all your belongings and throwing them outside the window. If you don’t want to end up like that, then you’ll be better off following a few tips that might save you from the most horrible potential roommates out there and can perhaps land you with someone that you’ll enjoy staying with.

Make a list

Once you get the flow of potential roommates flowing, you really want to start making a list. Once you meet the potential roommates, you should give them an honest rating out of 10. Remember that while first impressions are important, they aren’t everything. Some people who feel like they are nice people on the first meeting could turn out to be complete maniacs, and people who don’t have the most impressive first meeting could be nice, down to earth people that you might like a lot in the future. Therefore, you should make a list, but not let it dominate your final decision of who your roommate should be.

Get to know roommates before you let them in

Before you agree on a specific person to be your roommate, you should get to know them first. Have a few coffees with them and get to know their likes and dislikes. These details could eventually make all the difference.

Get someone you already know

This might be unlikely, but if there is a person who you’ve known for a while looking for a place to stay, you should consider them as you already know what kind of a person they are. That being said, if they don’t have a good personality, then you should stay away from them.