How to find the best restaurants, bars and coffee shops around your home

Finding the best restaurants is probably the most difficult of the lot in this list simply because not every restaurant is exactly cheap. You can’t just order the whole menu from a restaurant and see for yourself which of the many restaurants around your place you prefer the most. However, knowing which of these places around your home are the best can be really beneficial, especially if you’re a social person who gets many friends over every now and then. If this is the case, you should start investigating which places are the best in order to hang out with your friends and family members around your place.


This is important because knowing which places are the best will automatically give you a place to go to whenever you have a friend over, or are meeting a new person that you haven’t met before. Your taste in the sort of place you take them to will serve as their first impression of you, and as we all already know, first impressions are really important.

Coffee Shops

The best way to get to know which coffee shops are the best around you is to visit them all one by one. Coffee shops are not where you would take a potential future boss. It’s where you would take a somewhat formal friend of yours. For this reason, you want to personally experience the coffee shops in order to find out which one is the best. A coffee doesn’t cost all that much, and you’ll be able to spot the best coffee house around your place in less than a week. Other than drinking the coffee from each coffee house, you should also look at other aspects, like the friendliness of the waiters, and the cleanliness and orderliness of the entire place. Don’t overdo it, though.  A little informality in a coffee house isn’t the end of the world.


Bars are not tricky at all. All you have to do is bring your closest friends over to each bar separately. You should consider bringing different people to different bars and see how they like the bars. The drinks aren’t what matters in a bar. It’s how relaxing the general atmosphere of the bar really is. You should be able to relax in it and have a good time. It helps to get to know the bar tenders in order to familiarize yourself with the place. It won’t be too difficult realizing which of these places you like best.


For restaurants, you shouldn’t just decide to hit up each of them separately and see which one you like best. Try and read reviews of each of them online and look at which ones are the best ones compared to how expensive they are. You’ll want separate restaurants to take your dates and your boss to.

With this, you’ll have the best places around your place locked down in no time.