Beat The Heat 

No matter the area you live or the type of cooling system you have installed in your home, running it during the summer months is probably going to be of importance to you and your family. When deciding which route to take, AC or an evaporative cooler, it is helpful to make a comparative list of the qualities you need and the qualities that each one possesses. Other things you may want to consider are the amount of room space you will need to cool down, as well as the cost of the unit and additional maintenance.

How Do They Work? 

As far as operation goes, AC units and evaporative coolers run differently. An AC uses a vaporized refrigerant to cool the air. This often requires a lot of electricity, especially during the hottest months when you need it continually running. On the plus side, it can be installed up and out of the way, or even in a window, and will also effectively cool large spaces. The best evaporative coolers do not use any chemicals, simply fresh air and moisture to create a cooling effect. This way of cooling is eco-friendly and affordable, but it might be a little bit less effective than a traditional AC in terms of quickness of cooling. Using this type of cooler in the Western region of the US is where it would be best suited because it brings humidity into the air.

Cost Effectiveness 

Budget will probably be one of your main deciding factors in the cooling system that you choose. You must determine the size and power of the unit you will need for your room. If you plan on cooling your entire house, you should take the cost of each room into consideration. There are charts online that will help you determine which units will be appropriate to cool your space(s). Some additional factors to think about are installation and maintenance. You may be able to do the installation on your own, but think about the cost of tools that you may need to purchase. Also, be aware of upkeep. Whether you have to clean the unit monthly or even weekly could potentially add an additional annual price tag to your purchase.

 Do You Require Mobility? 

If you plan on moving the cooling system from one spot to another, you will need to opt for something portable. Evaporative coolers can generally be both powerful and portable. If you need an AC that has the ability to be moved, then you will probably compromise a little bit of the cooling power. The most effective AC units that are installed directly into your wall are not going to be a great option if you want the opportunity to move them. Many of them involve complex electrical work within the wall, so the decision to install one is usually going to be permanent.

Noise Levels 

If you have sensitivity to noise while you are working or sleeping, consider that both AC units and evaporative coolers are going to make a little bit of noise. Most people find that evaporative coolers can be quieter, yet there is still a constant hum due to the fan blowing air out. It is not one of the biggest concerns to most people due to the minimal severity of the noise, but if you are extra sensitive with your hearing, you might want to consider it.

Experience Both of Them 

If you don’t know which cooling system is going to best suit your needs, try both! Start off with an evaporative cooler and use it throughout the summertime. Since they do not require any complex installation, you can sell it if it did not meet your expectations. The following year, you can then switch over to a portable AC, or even a permanent AC if you feel sure of it. With all of the different styles on the market today, you will be sure to find a cooling system that will best meet all of your needs.