Mediation is proven to reduce stress in divorces

Divorce could be a testing and difficult time for several couples. The couples have to deal with emotions when deciding to end a relationship. In most cases, several couples would be required to undergo the process for a significant length… Continue Reading →

why are party wall agreement necessary 

Background   The purpose of the parties to a mediation is to manage their dispute or even to reach a mediation agreement. The agreement of mediation is the convention in which they establish all the facts and rights which in… Continue Reading →

Family and Divorce Mediation – A Non-Adversarial Approach to Family Transition

    The family mediation a dispute resolution process through dialogue and respect. This process is conducted by a specifically trained professional who does not take sides with either one and who is held to confidentiality.   It concerns: conflicts… Continue Reading →

Arranging Family Mediation for Property When Couples Separate

Arranging Family Mediation for Property When Couples Separate Mediation is all about coming to a resolution. When couples separate, they often find themselves in disagreement over who remains in the property they once shared, how they will continue to share… Continue Reading →

Evaporative Coolers vs Air Conditioning

Beat The Heat  No matter the area you live or the type of cooling system you have installed in your home, running it during the summer months is probably going to be of importance to you and your family. When… Continue Reading →

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